A silent disco hen party

It’s no secret that hen parties and weddings can be expensive, and it can be difficult to keep all of the people involved entertained. 

In fact, the average price of a hen party is increasing. In 2022 it now costs almost £250 per person — a 60% increase over the last ten years. 

So why not plan a silent disco hen party? Silent discos are extremely affordable, easy to plan, and inclusive (our prices start from as low as £135). You can host them at home if you need to. And because they are ‘silent’ by nature — you won’t have to worry about noise restrictions or curfews. 

Silent discos are also great icebreakers before the event — start by asking all of the attendees what music they’re into, what playlists need creating and what songs they’d like on them. Our silent disco headphones come with up to 6-channels so you can plan for — and create — playlists that cater to differing music tastes. 

The grandparents will be able to listen to the golden oldies while the Gen Z kids rock out to… well, whatever it is the kids listen to these days. 

Silent disco hen parties are low stress

Throwing a silent disco hen party is as simple as clicking one button or making one phone call via our contact page. Just tell us how many headsets you’ll need and we’ll drop off everything at a time suitable for you. Including:

  • Wireless headphones with LED lights that change colour and flash to the music
  • Transmitters to help you connect the headphones to either your phone, laptop or tablet computer
  • Set-up instructions
  • Cables, plugs, and all the gear you’ll need to get going!

You can even take our equipment with you if you’re planning on going to some rented accommodation for the main party.

They can be huge amounts of fun

Silent discos are ideal for cheap hen party ideas at home. Even if the main event isn’t a silent disco, they can be great for starting the night off and getting everyone in the party mood. With prices as low as £135, you can easily just have them as a pre-night entertainment, leaving the gear in the house before you go out.

You can play games like mime-it-out where others try to guess the music you’re listening to by your actions. Or you can practice your dance moves with some pre-drinks to get all of the participants involved and laughing.

And you can customise your hen silent disco the way you want to!

There’s no reason why a silent disco at home can’t be a great hen party activity in its own right. Especially as it doesn’t have to just end with headphones. 

For example, you can spruce things up with glowsticks, LED Flashbands, speakers for hire, disco lighting, magic mirror booths, some (not so silent) karaoke equipment and more. Check out our party extras page for more information and turn your house into a fully-fledged nightclub for the night. 

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Quad Biking

Motorized activities are huge when it comes to having a hen party. Imagine you and your girls letting your hair down for a few hours of adrenaline filled quad biking. The bikes are easy to ride and present loads of fun.

You can go on an adventure on the bikes where you can explore wood trails and mountain paths. If you dare, you can also ride away to swollen rivers and streams.


Enjoy a High Tea Party

Organizing a high-end tea party event can have the ladies feeling like they are Queens for an afternoon.  Hold this at a posh castle or high-end hotel where you can decide whether you want it indoors or outdoors. Have a dress code encouraging the ladies to put their best foot forward. Forget about jeans and t-shirts and let cute dresses, heels, and hats should come out to play.

Just because it is a tea party does not mean that you cannot drink. Menu can include some cocktails, and fancy bites allowing the bridal team to have some chill times as they bond and have the time of their lives.


No one wants to head out to a rickety old campsite where they have to battle bugs and set up fires before their wedding day. However, if you are still in the mood for camping, you can do it in a different more luxurious manner.

There are beautiful campsites all over the UK where you can enjoy some high-class camping. Most of these offer accommodation options like a luxury yurt, cottages, or pretty tree houses. Such places organize catering and fun activities for groups making it perfect for a hens night.


Disco theme hen party at home

To keep things simple, safe and fun — you could always turn your house into a nightclub or even festival themed hen party for the night. 

This is actually a lot of fun. And, thanks to the party equipment available to hire, you can achieve a nightclub effect a lot more lifelike than you’d probably at first imagine. 

For example, you can hire disco lighting that synchronises to the music that you’re playing. Along with glow sticks and LED flashbands to give it a more ‘official’ (and memorable) touch — as guests can take those home with them after the event. 

If you’re worried about noise, you can always turn it into a silent disco. That way, you can party all night long without upsetting the neighbours. 

Our ‘Go For It’ package has everything you’ll need to turn your living room (or house) into a nightclub for the night. With a price of £375, it’s ridiculously cost-effective if you spread the cost with the other attendees. 

And the package is customisable too, if you want to add more enhancements. For example you can add 50 wristbands for just £15, or additional disco lights for £25 each.

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Yoga Hen Party

When your group does not want to be stuck with traditional house parties, you can opt for a simple yoga party or a silent disco yoga party. This is where you and your friends can enjoy a relaxed work out session that will have them feeling zen.

There are different types of yoga you can participate in. Do your homework well to identify the one that your group will enjoy the most. Remind everyone to dress appropriately for the event to avoid any embarrassments on the day.

Participate in a Floral Workshop

Immersing your senses in beautiful fresh flowers has a way of soothing souls. Why not gift the bridal party a chance to come together and creatively play with flowers at a floral workshop. You can either do this on your own or have a professional step on to guide you on the process.

Spend time creating beautiful floral arrangements and crowns. Who knows, you might even get inspiration on the combinations to use for the wedding. Most sessions will include refreshments or a meal; thus you need to worry about getting hungry doing all the creative work.

Enjoy a Chic Picnic

If the weather allows, pack your picnic baskets and head over to a park. This will give the ladies a chance to soak in the beauty of the outdoors as they chat and eat. Do not just sit on the grass the entire time. Let your inner child out and play a few games that involve running around the park. This guarantees some pretty good laughs as you enjoy each other’s company.

Everyone can bring a meal they like and share with the group. Look for beautiful scenery that will present multiple photo opportunities. Treat yourselves to a mini photo shoot to have memories you cannot erase.


Silent cinema screening at home

Hiring a cinema screen to have at home is such an easy, effective way to host a memorable hen night. It’s the perfect compliment if you’re looking for a ‘calm before the storm’ night of relaxation to make up part of a weekend. Especially if you’ve got a big event planned the next day. 

But it also stands up on its own right, and is perfect as a comfortable ‘icebreaker’ so that everyone can get used to one another across the parties. Put on a classic romcom that everyone knows, or just latest one with the best reviews, sit back and relax with a glass of prosecco and the night is set. 

Our 12-ft wide inflatable cinema screens are perfect for a chilled garden party. They come with 10-silent disco headphones so you can watch without disturbing the neighbours, and they can represent the perfect opportunity for the bridesmaids to put together a home-movie tribute to the bride-to-be and family.  

String some fairy lights up, and get the prosecco on ice, and we’ll drop off and set up the screen, supply the bean bags (or other inflatable seating) so you can sit back and relax. 

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Make your own Cocktails

Cocktail making has got to make it on the list of hen ideas to explore. Become a mixologist for a day as you try and make the perfect cocktail to enjoy. When there is some money to spend, the bridal team can always sign up for a cocktail master class to learn the ins and outs of making cocktails.

This is the knowledge that you will use for the rest of your life because you can use the skills to shake up some drinks in the house. It also presents an opportunity to learn exciting new things about the cocktail world surrounded by people you love.

Go on a Safari

You will be pleased to know that you do not have to fly to Africa to enjoy a safari. Spend time in the wild interacting with animals up close and personal. You will love watching the giraffes, rhinos, flamingos and other wild animals in their natural habitats. Pick any of the 6 parks in the UK that offer safaris.

Look up VIP safari deals where you get a professional guide to help you with the tour. You can also feast on some British delights after working up an appetite at the park.

Horse Riding

If the girls are looking to enjoy some mellow moments outdoors without having to walk or use a car, there is always the option of going horse riding. Just look for a beautiful trail where you can enjoy a ride on a horseback. It is not only fun but it will also give you some time to reflect on what life is all about.


Throw A Themed Party Event

A Themed party could be an excellent way to ensure that the Hen Night is a success!

We have put together a blog that lists the best party theme ideas, we are sure that you can find some inspiration there. Take a look!

Tips for Throwing The best Hen Night Event

As suggested by the ideas above, a bridal team can do just about anything they want to when celebrating hen night. In most cases, it is the maid of honour who is usually in charge of setting up this important event. To throw an unforgettable event that will be etched on your friend’s mind for a long time, here are some of the things to consider.

Get the Brides Approval

Being close to the bride does not mean that you dictate what will happen on her hen night, it is always important to get her input before you start getting busy. At the end of it all, it is her day and not yours. The bride should be in charge of the guest list so that you do not end up inviting people that she does not want to see.

Keep in mind that as much as you are letting her in on the plans, there should be some elements of surprise incorporated into the night. Some extra surprises will help to make the event more spicy showing the wife-to-be that you love and care about her.

Inform All the Ladies who will be Involved

Do not start organizing anything until you have the approval of everyone you want to attend the hen night. Let them know beforehand to avoid nasty surprises as you go along. It will help you know the persons who can make it and the ones to strike off the list This is important because everyone also gets a chance to organize time and resources to make sure they are available on the material day.

Set a Budget

Come up with a figure that everyone is comfortable within a bid to accommodate all the ladies participating. All the ladies should know the amount they will contribute. This will also help you choose the appropriate activities based on the amount of money that is available.

Get all the Help you need

If you are a group of girls, the maid of honour is not supposed to take the entire burden of organizing the event. Ask for as much help as you can to make certain everything runs smoothly.


Hen nights in 2019 will be all about having fun and exploring new ideas allowing the bride to be and her team to have utmost fun. Pick from the ideas above and customize them to your liking.

When you are in need of professional help to organize the event of the century, there is no better company to turn to than The Silent Disco Company. The firm offers LED silent disco headphones and music that will make your hen night the best silent event. The company also provides extras that may include lighting, DJ’s, staffing, production, staging, and excellent entertainment for your party.

Looking for easy, yet stress-free and memorable hen night parties? The Silent Disco Company has the answer.

A silent disco hen party stands up on its own as an easy-to-plan, but super-fun and unique, way to throw a great hen night party. They are grand enough to be the main event but also make great pre-nights, and extras to add a bit more oomph to an event. 

But that’s not all with our services. You don’t have to have a silent disco, but you can throw a cool party at home — you can really bring the nightclub in. Instead of going ‘out out’, you’ll be going ‘in in’. This is not only great for intimate hen parties, but it’s also a safer, more relaxing, and guaranteed more fun event. 

Silent cinemas also also in our opinion, extremely underrated, underutilised ideas for hen parties. Again they are affordable, unique, and great for bonding with others either as the main event or as an appetiser attached on to a weekend with other, bigger plans. 

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