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Silent Disco Wedding

Alternative Wedding Entertainment Hire

Silent Disco Hire for Weddings

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Silent Disco Wedding Hire

Hire Silent Disco for Your Wedding

Your wedding is quickly arriving, but you just don’t know what to do about the entertainment.

You are desperate for both your family and friends to enjoy your special day, but there is such a big mix in ages and music taste that you don’t want anyone to get bored.

“If only there was an answer…” you think to yourself. Well now there is!

Whether you have been dreaming for years about your future disco themed wedding, or you need a solution to suit everyone’s music taste, The Silent Disco Company is your answer.

Read on to see our five reasons why you should have a silent disco wedding:

1. Variety of Music

It can be so annoying having guests with such a wide variety of music tastes. From the kids wanting to listen to Justin Bieber and Little Mix, you wanting to listen to a mixture of songs, from Newton Faulker to Paramore, then there are your parents and grandparents wanting to listen to music from Cher and Queen.

While admittedly, it is true that you won’t be able to please everyone’s music tastes on your special day, you can at least try to please most people by having a silent disco. Silent disco headphones mean that you now have three music channels to play three different styles of music on.

2. No Need to Shout

Have you ever experienced that sore throat after a night of having to shout over the music at a club or disco?

Thankfully, this silent disco wedding party now means that if you want to catch up with your mates or grandparents, you can simply take off your headphones and the problem is solved.

3. Alternative Entertainment

Let your quirky wedding stand out from the crowd with this fun, unique and alternative wedding entertainment. Your silent disco wedding party will be one to remember and will continue to get your friends and family talking in years to come.

4. No More Noise Restrictions

Silent disco is the solution to those pesky noise limits. While not all venues have the right license to broadcast music, when it comes to silent disco parties, the rules are different and you don’t have to worry about music licenses.

Also, there will no longer be the risk of the grumpy couple next door barging in on your wedding and complaining about the amount of noise.

You now have the choice to either leave your music playing out loud until curfew, or to have a completely silent disco wedding.

5. Wireless Music

Our headphone’s signals can reach 500m, meaning that during your silent disco wedding, your guests can relax, go to the bar and move around with these wireless headphones, without missing out on their favourite songs.

Wedding Silent Disco: An Alternative Wedding Entertainment

We can supply DJ’s, Staffing and Lighting at all of our events and all areas nationwide.

• Up to 5000 LED Headphones
• Multiple channels of music to suit all tastes
• Unique and fun Experience
• Noise Restrictions Solution
• Latest Fully Rechargeable LED Headphones
• Amazing sound with ear warming bass
• Delivery and Collection service included

Silent Disco events are quickly becoming a more popular way to entertain all your guests. The most common reason people have a silent disco wedding is to have multiple music genres all playing at the same time so all guests are left with a smile. It has an added benefit to bypass late night noise restrictions by having the latter part of the event silent!

Silent Disco Wedding: A Unique Wedding Entertainment

No one enjoys shouting over loud music to talk to your friends, whereas a silent disco wedding party allows guests to remove their headphones and enjoy catching up with family and friends without losing their voices.

• Dry Hire service
• Choose from 10-5000 Headphones
• Easy Setup Service with Plug and Play
• Noise Restrictions Solution
• Latest Fully Rechargeable LED Headphones
• Amazing sound with ear warming bass
• Over 1000 LED Headphones in stock