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What happens if I break or lose something?

Our LED Silent Disco headphones are heavy duty and are extremely tough for festivals and corporate events. However, if you are to damage something beyond repair or lose anything then this will be chargeable. If you find any missing equipment up to 12 months after your event just send it back and we will issue a refund.

How do I return the headphones back?

Dry hire means the headphones will be delivered and collected by our courier (DPD). They will text you with an hour’s delivery slot so you can ensure someone is in. They will then be collected by courier between 9am-5pm.


Where are The Silent Disco Company based?

Silent Disco Hire UK has two main locations, our main office is based in Essex and our other is based in North London, UK. Don’t worry, with our hire service we can deliver across the UK and Europe.

Are we ECO friendly?

YES, we don’t use batteries! All our headphones are fully rechargeable and do not use batteries.


How much does silent disco cost?

We have many different options for hire, so it’s up to you. Dry hire starts from only £135, just find a location and friends and you have a silent disco!

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, a deposit of 50% is required to secure the headphones for your booking. However, there is NO holding security deposit.


What does dry hire mean?

A dry-hire is our simple headphone and transmitter hire, to dry hire means your headphones will usually be delivered by our courier the day before the party and collected the day or Monday after.

Where can I have a silent disco?

Anywhere! The beauty of silent disco is that it can take place pretty much anywhere. All you need is power for the transmitters and away you go. We also have battery packs available for remote locations.

How long do the headphones last?

All headphones have a battery life of 8-10 hours on a full charge, all headphones will arrive fully charged so you can party all night long.

Are the headphones child friendly?

Yes, our headphones are fully adjustable so are suitable for children. We use lightweight, comfortable, padded headphones.

Does a silent disco work at weddings?

Silent Disco at weddings is becoming a new trend across the UK. Due to venue sound restrictions, having our Silent Disco means there is no music so you can party on till the early hours of the morning. We also offer experienced wedding DJ’s as well as lighting and entertainment options.

Is a silent disco right for me?

Silent disco is an extremely fun and entertaining part of your party, whether you are celebrating a wedding, birthday or Bar Mitzvah silent disco hire has it covered. Contact our specialist team about your requirements.

How do I book?

Just call on 0208 432 6151 (CLICK TO CALL) or email us! We will call you and get you booked in stress free.

Set Up

How do I set it up?

Our equipment is so easy to set up and use with plug and play. You will receive an instruction manual with the order and by email but don’t worry if you get stuck we have an out of hours technical helpline.

Can I connect a Laptop/iPod/Phone?

Yes, we will provide you any cable you require for your device whether it is an iPod/iPhone or Television! You can even have your own DJ plug straight in.

What is the range of the transmitter and headphones?

Our headphones are far superior to the cheap plastic ones out there. Our transmitters have a range of up to 500m with seamless music.

Do I need any power?

Yes, The transmitters do require power to operate however the headphones are battery wireless and can last 8-10 hours. We do offer fully battery powered transmitters at an additional cost.

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