35 Latest Party Theme Ideas For Your Next Event in 2019

35 Party Theme Ideas For Your Next Event

By: edm

Nobody enjoys a boring party, and party themes are the perfect way to bring any event to life. But setting up a themed party can be very tasking. Luckily, you can outsource this task to us. The Silent Disco Company will use amazing decorations to transform your event to any theme of your choice.
Regardless of the theme, you have in mind; we always ensure that we bring it to life and to your expectations. But sometimes deciding on the party theme idea is a problem. Below are 35 good party theme ideas that you can try out in your next event:

1. Game Of Thrones Theme

This is a cool party theme idea to try out because of how the movie is trending. You can use white, black and grey drapes, lots of swords, a palace scenery, green gardens, old clothes, farm settings or war scenery. You surely wouldn’t want to forget the iron throne! You could have your management theme play a playlist of some of the familiar tunes of Game Of Thrones.

2. Enchanted Forest Theme

This theme is prevalent in parties. You can use large flowers, hanging branches, lots of trees, broad leaves, dark scenery, and twinkling stars.

3. Heaven Theme

This is another good party theme that you can try out. You can use cloth drapes in blue and white, well-curved clouds, white pillars, angel wings, garden scenery, small birds, golden gates and musical instruments.

4. Hellfire Theme

This is the direct opposite of the heaven theme. You can use cloth drapes in orange, deep red and black. Be sure to use horns, tails, 3D shapes of fires, large and tangled chains, coffins and skeletons, and large thongs. This would add to the effect of the theme and bring it to life.

5. New York Theme

This can be a great party night out theme. To get the typical scenery of New York, you should use dark stars, large buildings, tall skyscrapers, cloth drapes in deep blue and red, the statue of liberty and road signs.

6. Seaside Theme

This can be interpreted to be a calm or turbulent theme. You can use rocks, dark clouds, large seashells, tall palm trees, and seagulls. You should not forget a backdrop that depicts the ocean.

7. Masquerade Ball Theme

This is a ball party theme. You can use clothe drapes in black, red and white, candles, masks, gold frames, gold glitter, gold beads, and beaded masks. Your event planner could also play horror sounds once in a while, and guests could be dressed formally.

8. Playboy Mansion Theme

This is a great party theme for adults. You can use this type of theme for parties where you want the event to look naughty and sexy. Cloth drapes in pink, red and silver, bunnies, scantily dressed mannequins, silver mansions, palace scenery, and silver glitter stars can all be used to spice things up.

9. Medieval Castle Theme

This party theme will reflect the medieval ages. The scenery should be a castle and shields, swords, armors, hanging pelmets, gold furniture, large candles, and castle turrets should all be used.

10. Night Party Theme

This theme should reflect the night time. You can use cloth drapes in purple, silver and blue. Also, a large moon, lots of stars, twinkling lights, sparkling stars, small animals and large rooftops.

11. Wild West Theme

Clothe drapes in red, brown, gold and red can be used. Also, cowboy hats and boots, large sacs, west signs, old planks, wanted posters, short shotguns can all be used to achieve this effect.

12. Murder Mystery Theme

This theme reflects an actual murder scene. Cloth drapes in red, white and purple can be used. Large detective hats, a plastic cut-out murder victim, a murder weapon, police demarcating tapes, gold mock mirrors and gold frames can all be used.

13. Pink Party Theme

This theme can be brought to life with pink, white and silver drapes. Since pink is supposedly every girl’s best colour, then we can help you create this theme using Disney elements, pink coloured tables and chairs, and pink mobiles.

14. Studio 54

This theme’s idea comes from the night club called Studio 54. You can use large disco balls, dark scenery, loud music and cloth drapes in black, red and orange.

15. Tropical Beach Theme

This theme is relatively easy to achieve. You can use sunny scenery; cloth drapes in orange, yellow and light green, tall palm trees, waist beads, tropical hats, and loud Caribbean music.

16. Dinner Themed Party

This is a dress party theme. It is supposed to look formal so guests should dress formally. Your event planning team can create a playlist of slow music to spice things up. You should use night scenery, with drapes in black, white and deep blue.

17. Pirate Ship Wreck Theme

This theme will resemble an actual shipwreck. Cloth drapes in deep red, black and purple should be used. Also, your event planning team can use broken ship particles, one-eyed patches, skeletons, treasure chests, masks, and gold coins.

18. Asian Theme

You can use clothe drapes in white purple and red. Be sure to use large lanterns, Chinese clothing, parasols, dragon head, butterflies and tree silhouettes.

19. Hollywood Oscars Theme

In this theme, make use of gold satin, cloth, and black satin drapes. Use two to three gold Oscars, Hollywood signs, cameras, red carpets, and flashy lights. Guests should also be dressed formally.

20. Funfair and Circus Theme

Use large roller-coaster wheels, balloon clusters, clowns, cages of tigers or lions, funfair signs and magicians with their wands.

21. Las Vegas Theme

There are so many decorations to be added to a Las Vegas themed party. Make use of large casinos, lots of dice, casino signs, large playing tables, Roman pillars, gambling signs, playing cards, cash, and dollar signs.

22. Gangster Theme

This is a good theme party idea. You can use large guns, bandanas, black, silver and white cloth, feather boas, bullet holes and lots of cars to create this effect.

23. Arabian Theme

This is a cool party theme idea you should try out. Your event management team can bring the Moroccan feel to your party using a luxury tent, large lanterns, head ties, white sultans, desert oasis and large baskets and pots.

24. Back-to-College Theme

This theme is to reflect one’s college years. We recommend using lots of textbooks, a toy power bike, ping pong, disco balls, chairs and tables, and laboratory equipment.

25. Mexican Party Theme

You can use large Mexican hats, cut out Mexican decorations, and use red and black cloth drapes. You could also serve Mexican food in the party to better reflect the theme.

26. Bond 007 Theme

Use cloth drapes in white and red, Martini glasses, Large 007 logos, casino signs, flashy and sophisticated devices, bullion bars and gun backdrop.

27. Bollywood Theme

We recommend the use of Bollywood sign, palm trees and leaves, gold pots and beads, elephants, reed screens, Taj Mahal scenery and lots of flowers.

28. Fire and Ice Theme

Use white, red and orange cloth drapes, snowflakes, devil tails, flame projections, horns, white twigs, and ice panels. This is a cool theme idea for your parties and events.

29. Alice in Wonderland Theme

We recommend the use of large mushrooms, clocks and chains, lots of cakes and sweets, playing cards, large trees and roses, and giant shoe seat. The idea is to make the party look as realistic as possible to the Alice in Wonderland movie.

30. 80’s Disco Theme

This theme is supposed to take guests back to the 80s. Guests should dress in the clothing of the 80s and prepare a playlist of songs released at that time. Make use of coloured mocktails and ensure there’s a dancefloor for guests to move their bodies.

31. Carnival Theme

Everyone has attended at least one carnival before, so such a theme would be easy for everyone to relate too. Use red and yellow cloth drapes, large carnival hats, red flare colourings, masks, cocktails, and mannequins to achieve this effect.

32. Roman Party Theme

This idea can be used in several types of theme parties. In it, you are to imitate the ancient Roman settings. We recommend you use grapes and vines, colossal statues, carved heads, garland decorations, large paintings, large Roman pillars and chaise lounge.

33. Tea Party Theme

This is a good theme party idea for children. Use red cloth drapes with lots of sweet, cakes, bubble gum, small tables, jam tarts, and curtained windows.

34. Karaoke Theme

This is a cool party theme that you should give a try. This theme is centered around making people dance and have a good time. Make sure there’s enough space for guests to dance. We recommend you play karaoke music and decorate the environment with red, yellow and blue cloth drapes.

35. Mad Scientist Theme

This is a funny and cool party theme for an event that you should try out. Request that all your guests wear lab coats and decorate the environment with test tubes, colourings, laboratory themed food and colour drapes in white and sky blue.

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