Nobody enjoys a boring party, which is why spicing up your shin dig with some unique party ideas can truly make your event an unforgettable one. With so much choice, knowing where to start can be a real challenge, one of the best party options is to introduce a theme that your guests can get on board with. If you’re stuck for ideas, opting for a unique theme idea could help get your creative juices flowing so you can brainstorm unique party games, themed decorations & costumes for the upcoming bash. So whether its children’s party themes, an 18th birthday theme party, or party themes for adults, The Silent Disco Company have put together a list of fun party options that we encourage you to try!

1. Game Of Thrones Party Theme Idea

A popular one, this is one of the more current & grandiose party theme ideas for adults (mostly due to the mature nature of the Game of Thrones TV Series). You can use white, black and grey drapes, lots of swords, a palace scenery, green gardens, old clothes, farm settings or war scenery. You surely wouldn’t want to forget the iron throne – decorate one special chair, with the best dressed taking their rightful place as ruler of Westeros!

Game of Thrones Party Theme

2. Enchanted Forest Event Theme Idea

One of the more versatile party options, this is excellent as a children’s party theme and very popular amongst 18th birthday party themes. For decorations, you can use large flowers, hanging branches, lots of trees, broad leaves, dark scenery, and twinkling stars.

enchanted forest party theme

3. Heaven Party Theme Ideas

This is another good event theme Idea that would work great for an 18th birthday or even a hen party. You can use cloth drapes in blue and white to decorate the venue, well-curved clouds, white pillars, angel wings, garden scenery, small birds, golden gates, musical instruments and other heavenly props. Serve light snacks and champagne, in that order, and this party theme is sure to be a success.

heaven party theme

4. Hellfire Party Theme Idea

This is the direct opposite of the heaven theme and great for as a Halloween Party Idea. You can use cloth drapes in orange, deep red and black. Be sure to use horns, tails, 3D shapes of fires, large and tangled chains, coffins and skeletons. This would add to the effect of the theme and bring it to life.

hell fire party theme

5. New York Party Theme Idea

With the right preparation, this could be one of the best party themes you’ll ever experience. To get the typical scenery of New York, you should use decorations such as; dark stars, large buildings, tall skyscrapers, cloth drapes in deep blue and red, the statue of liberty and road sign props. Serve pizza, hotdogs and dance to your favourite tunes by the best artists originating from the Big Apple.

new york party theme

6. Seaside Party Theme Idea

You can use rocks, dark clouds, large seashells, tall palm trees, and seagulls. You should not forget a backdrop that depicts the ocean. If you have the space, and don’t mind the clean-up after, you could create a make shift beach where your guests can have sand castle competitions, all whilst playing ocean waves in the background, to give this event theme a feeling of authenticity.

seaside party theme

7. Masquerade Ball Party Theme Idea

This is a ball party theme and one that is an amazing party option for a more formal occasion. You can use clothe drapes in black, red and white, candles, masks, gold frames, gold glitter, gold beads, and beaded masks. Guests can come dressed in their Sunday best for this theme, where you can hand out masks with champagne, a selection of appetisers and maybe even strawberries to dip into a chocolate fountain – mmm, if that isn’t a top party theme Ideas, then we don’t know what is!

Masquerade party theme

8. Playboy Mansion Theme

This is a great party theme for adults that can spice up an event with  some sex appeal for a more mature take. Cloth drapes in pink, red and silver, bunnies, scantily dressed mannequins, palace scenery and silver glitter stars can all be used to set the scene. Come dressed up as a bunny, or in your coolest, sleekest PJs and have a blast with this adult theme.

playboy party theme

9. Medieval Castle Party Theme Idea

Go Medieval with a party theme that would make Henry the 8th proud. The scenery decorations should be a castle and shields, swords, armours, hanging pelmets, gold furniture, large candles, and castle turrets should all be used, with guests wearing Medieval fancy dress. Serve your guests with a hog roast and chalices of their favourite tipple, but be sure to warn any potential party poopers to let loose and have fun or their might just be consequences… 10 minutes in the stocks should straighten them out, failing that it’s “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD” (maybe not literally).

Medieval party theme

10. Night Party Party Theme Idea

This theme should reflect the night time. You can use cloth drapes in purple, silver and blue. Also, a large moon, lots of stars, twinkling lights, sparkling stars, small animals and large rooftops. Hire a projector and shine the night sky above party goers heads to really bring this party idea to life. This is an awesome option that would fit in perfectly with a Silent Disco, check our Silent Disco Hire packages for more information!

night party theme

11. Wild West Theme Ideas

In the words of John Wayne “Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway” but fear not, because this party theme is sure to be a success. Clothe drapes in red, brown, gold and red can be used. Also, cowboy hats and boots, large sacs, west signs, old planks, wanted posters, short shotguns and a wide variety of other cowboy theme props can all be used to achieve this effect. Slam shots of whiskey, toss a horse shoe or 2 and have an old fashioned duel (with water pistols preferably) with your buddies. Everyone wants an excuse to dress up like a cowboy at least once in their lifetime, why not present them with a golden opportunity with this top party theme!

wild west party theme

12. Murder Mystery Event Theme Night

Inject some mystery and intrigue with a Murder Mystery Event Theme. Cloth drapes in red, white and purple can be used. Large detective hats, a plastic cut-out murder victim, a murder weapon, police demarcating tapes, gold mock mirrors and gold frames can all be used. Come dressed as a detective, the suspect or even the unlucky victim and help your friends figure out who done it! – It was Bob in the kitchen with the punch ladle!

murder mystery party theme

13. Pink Party Themes

Pink Party Themes can be brought to life with pink, white and silver drapes. Since pink is supposedly every girl’s best colour, then we can help you create this theme using Disney elements, pink coloured tables and chairs, and pink mobiles. A girls perfect birthday theme and ideal for hen parties, this party idea is sure to be a winner!

pink party theme

14. Studio 54 – Disco Theme Party

Event Theme Ideas for adult can be difficult, but one great idea comes from the night club called Studio 54, one of the most popular New York nightclubs in history. You can use large disco balls, dark scenery, loud music and cloth drapes in black, red and orange. Dust off those flairs, dance without a care and go wild with this creative party theme – Go on, get your boogie on!

studio 54 party theme

15. Tropical Beach Party Theme Ideas

This theme is relatively easy to achieve compared to some of the other party theme ideas in this list. You can use sunny scenery to decorate; cloth drapes in orange, yellow and light green, tall palm trees, waist beads, tropical hats and many other props, all accompanied by loud Caribbean music. Whip up a punch, serve some exotic fruits and get the grill on the go to give your guests a night to remember!

tropical beach party theme

16. Dinner Themed Party Idea

This is a dress party theme. It is supposed to look formal so guests should dress up formally. Your event planning team can create a playlist of slow music to spice things up. You should use night scenery, with drapes in black, white and deep blue decorations. Props are less important for this event theme idea, but a little visual decoration, such as flowers, placed on the tables can really make a difference!

dinner themed party

17. Pirate Ship Wreck Party Themes

This theme will resemble an actual shipwreck. Cloth drapes in deep red, black and purple should be used. Also, your event planning team can use broken ship particles, one-eyed patches, skeletons, treasure chests, masks, and gold coins.

pirate party theme

18. Chinese Event Theme Idea

You can use clothe drapes in red with white and purple, adding dashes of gold throughout the decorations. Be sure to use large lanterns, Chinese clothing, parasols, dragon head, butterflies and tree silhouettes. Of all the Event Theme Ideas in the list, this one in particular is ideal for foodies thanks to the variety of Chinese cuisine and remember, the more authentic the better!

asian party theme

19. Hollywood Oscars Theme Party Idea

In this event theme idea, make use of gold satin, cloth, and black satin drapes. Use two to three gold Oscars, Hollywood signs, cameras, red carpets, and flashy lights. Guests should also be dressed formally to match the

hollywood party theme

20. Funfair and Circus Party Themes

This theme idea gives you and your friends a chance to clown around like never before. Use large roller-coaster wheels, balloon clusters, clowns, cages of tigers or lions, funfair signs and magicians with their wands.

circus party theme

21. Las Vegas Theme

There are so many decorations to be added to a Las Vegas themed party . Make use of large casinos, lots of dice, casino signs, large playing tables, Roman pillars, gambling signs, playing cards, cash, and dollar signs.

vegas party theme

22. Gangster Theme Night

With this excellent idea, your guests will find that this theme night is, in the words of Don Corleone “an offer they cant refuse”. You can use props like guns, bandannas, black, silver and white cloth, feather boas, bullet holes and lots of cars to create this effect. Come dressed to impress in a suit or pick up a gangster theme costume online. Take inspiration from some of the best movies ever created in the golden age of cinema, from The Godfather to Goodfellas and channel your inner mobster with this exciting event theme idea.

gangster party theme

23. Arabian Theme Party Idea

This is a cool party theme idea you should try out. Your event management team can bring the Moroccan feel to your party using a luxury tent, large lanterns, head ties, white sultans, a desert oasis and large baskets and pots.

arabian party theme

24. Back-to-College Theme

This theme is to reflect one’s college years. We recommend using lots of textbooks, a toy power bike, ping pong, disco balls, chairs and tables, and laboratory equipment.

college party theme

25. Mexican Party Theme

You can use Sombreros, ponchos, cut out Mexican decorations, and use red and black cloth drapes. Mexican culture is well known for its delicious array of food and drink, chow down on quesadillas, burritos & nachos, followed by an ice cold bottle of Corona or even a shot of Tequila! – The music and food fuse perfectly to help bring this party theme to life!

mexican party theme

26. Bond 007 Theme

*queue bad Sean Connery impression* The namesh Bond, Jamesh Bond. International spy by day, suave ladies man by night, being Bond is every mans dream which is why you are sure to have a ball with this unique theme. Use cloth drapes in white and red, Martini glasses, Large 007 logos, casino signs, flashy and sophisticated devices, bullion bars and gun backdrop. With a variety of dress up options and James Bond Party props available online, come as the super-spy himself, Moneypenny or one of the recognisable, big bads like Jaws, Scaramanga or Oddjob. Have a great time with this theme and do it your way, you could even have your Martini’s stirred instead of shaken…

james bond party theme

27. Bollywood Theme

We recommend the use of Bollywood sign, palm trees and leaves, gold pots and beads, elephants, reed screens, Taj Mahal scenery and lots of flowers.

bollywood party theme

28. Fire and Ice Theme

Use white, red and orange cloth drapes, snowflakes, devil tails, flame projections, horns, white twigs, and ice panels. This is a cool theme idea for your parties and events.

fire ice party theme

29. Alice in Wonderland Themed Parties

We recommend the use of large mushrooms, clocks and chains, lots of cakes and sweets, playing cards, large trees and roses, and giant shoe seat. The idea is to make the party look as realistic as possible to the Alice in Wonderland movie.

alice in wonderland party theme

30. 80’s Disco Theme

This theme is supposed to take guests back to the 80s. Guests should dress in the clothing of the 80s and prepare a playlist of songs released at that time. Make use of coloured mocktails and ensure there’s a dancefloor for guests to move their bodies.

1980s party theme

31. Carnival Theme

Everyone has attended at least one carnival before, making this one of the more popular and relatable party theme ideas. Use red and yellow cloth drapes, large carnival hats, red flare colourings, masks, cocktails, and mannequins to achieve this effect.

Carnival party theme ideas

32. Roman Party Theme

This idea can be used in several types of theme parties. In it, you are to imitate the ancient Roman settings. We recommend you use grapes and vines, colossal statues, carved heads, garland decorations, large paintings, large Roman pillars and chaise lounge.

Roman party theme

33. Tea Party Theme

This is a good theme party idea for children. Use red cloth drapes with lots of sweet, cakes, sandwiches, bubble gum, small tables, jam tarts and netted curtained windows. Giving off an air of authenticity of a Great British Tea Party is where this theme idea really comes into its own. Enjoy yourself with your friends, snack on some yummy treats and enjoy a lovely cuppa! – but don’t forget to extend your pinky finger whilst taking a sip to truly feel like a classy lady or gentleman!

Tea Party theme

34. Karaoke Theme Party Idea

This is a cool party theme that you should give a try. This theme is centred around making people dance and have a good time. Make sure there’s enough space for guests to dance. We recommend you play karaoke music and decorate the environment with red, yellow and blue cloth drapes. Widely considered as one of the best party themes, sing and dance till you can’t any more, or at least until someone asks you to stop. Fearlessness is a requirement for this party idea – Disco ball & earplugs are optional!

Karaoke party theme Idea

35. Mad Scientist Party Theme Ideas

This is a funny and cool party theme for an event that you should try out. Request that all your guests wear lab coats and decorate the environment with test tubes, colourings, laboratory themed food and colour drapes in white and sky blue.

mad scientist party theme

36. Toga Party Theme Idea

From invitations on home-made tea stained scrolls to platters of cheese and fruit accompanied by jugs of wine, this creative theme is a classic! – whilst it isn’t one of the more unique party ideas, it is definitely one of the easier ones to prepare for, with decorations, costumes and props widely available online and you’re sure to have things that you could use just lying around your house. So dig out your sandals and get ready to have a blast – “TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!”

Toga Theme Night

37. Anime Theme Party Idea

Japanese Animation, or “Anime” for short, has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years and when it comes to dressing up, no one is more hardcore than Anime Fans. If you have ever been to a Comic-Con, I’m sure you would have seen some of the weird, wacky and wonderful costumes that fans don to pay homage to their favourite anime characters. Whilst this is a more niche option in our list of party theme ideas, you can truly go wild with your friends and compete for the coveted “BEST DRESSED” prize!

Anime Theme Idea

38. Superhero Theme Party Idea

Perfect as a theme for children’s parties, or even adults who want to indulge their inner child. Dress up as your favourite Superhero or Super Villain and don’t worry about having to do their job, you’re there strictly to party. Play Marvel Vs. DC or Hero Vs. Villain themed games and play well love superhero theme tunes upon entry to make your guests feel like the real deal!

Superehero Party Theme

39. Neon UV Party Theme Ideas

With bright colourful lights illuminating the venue, this event idea is one that is sure to catch the eye. With some Neon signs, strobe lights, UV lighting and glow in the dark face and body paint, this event is sure to leave your guests with glowing memories and recommendations. This is one of the best Party Theme Ideas that would also be an excellent fusion with Silent Disco Hire, contact our team for a quote today!

Neon UV Party Idea

40. Cavemen Party Theme Ideas

Channel your prehistoric instincts with one most interesting party theme ideas. Take inspiration from pop culture TV like the Flintstones; dress in animal print, transform your venue into a homely cave and party your night away. Great for adult and children’s parties, this event idea will no doubt have your guests wanting to turn back time so they can experience the night all over again!

Caveman Party Theme Idea

Events in which a Themed Party would be suitable;


Hen Party

Birthday Milestones (18th, 21st, 30th, 40th etc.)

Corporate Event

New Years Party

Christmas Party

College/University Fresher Week

Reunion Parties

party theme ideas

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