Yoga is something that has been used for years by people from all walks of life to move their bodies in a way they enjoy, as well as experience a level of ‘zen’ that we rarely experience in our everyday lives. Yoga isn’t just about exercising, toning up, and all of that jazz; it’s about becoming better connected to yourself and the world around you. This is why a great focus is put on your breathing and the sensation and sounds of certain things.

Yoga is renowned for it’s challenging poses, feelings of euphoria, and the calm, more connected feelings you get both in the short and long term. You may know this, and you may know that there are a couple of different types of yoga on top of this. Each one has individual and unique benefits to be enjoyed.

We’re going to cover one type of yoga in this post that is fairly new, and that many people are finding enjoyable. Not Hatha yoga, Bikram yoga, or anything like that…silent disco yoga. This yoga form is taking the concept of zen to a whole new level! It might sound strange, but stick with us.

Let’s talk more about silent disco yoga, what it is, and why you might just enjoy this relaxing, immersive experience.

The Most Memorable Yoga Practice You’ll Ever Do

Silent disco yoga is hands down one of the most memorable yoga practices you’ll ever do. Most people have a ‘type’ when it comes to yoga. Some prefer it plain and simple, others prefer it extra sweaty, and some prefer the silent disco kind. Silent disco yoga can be enjoyed by all kinds of yoga lovers – it’s worth a try at least once!

But how do you do this kind of yoga? You perform the practice wearing a pair of wireless earphones, and you hear the yoga teacher through these silent disco headphones too, as they use a mic connected to a wireless transmitter. You can make the volume comfortable for you, and the headphones will perfectly filter out distracting background noise so you can truly immerse yourself in your practice.

You will be able to focus more on how you feel, your breathing, and the what your instructor is telling you to do. You will likely experience both the physical and mental benefits from this type of yoga practice tenfold!

Enjoy Silent Disco Yoga In Many Stunning Locations

The great thing about this type of yoga is that you can enjoy it in many stunning locations. It’s still enjoyable in a hall or gym room, but you can do this type of yoga on the beach or in another beautiful setting. Imagine performing a joyous yoga pose while the sun sets across from you on a sandy beach?

Other types of yoga classes may not be permitted on a beach or an outdoors location, as many places aren’t suitable or licensed to amplify sound. Silent disco yoga eliminates this problem. 

Other Incredible Benefits of Silent Yoga Disco

More great benefits of silent disco yoga? You’ll be able to focus on exactly what your instructor is saying, almost as if they are whispering softly in your ear. You’ll also be able to better block out outside noise and distractions, such as fire engines zooming by. Everybody in the class will be able to hear the instructor properly too; there’s no chance of those in the back not understanding, and those in the front virtually losing their hearing. Many people who do this type of yoga report feeling extremely connected to their instructor.

Some places even have a live DJ playing deep house music during silent disco yoga classes.

You will never experience a more focused class like a silent disco yoga class. You’ll be able to put your all into each and every pose, connect better to your instructor, and enjoy some zen inducing tunes all at the same time.

If you’re ready to take your yoga practice to the next level and enjoy a feeling of ‘zen’ like never before, silent disco yoga could be the practice for you. Try it and see how you feel – we think you’ll gain a whole new perspective on yoga and the incredible benefits it can offer!

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