A wedding is an important event. This is the day that you need to give it your best in terms of preparation. Wedding entertainment is definitely one of the most significant parts of your special day. What can you do about it? A silent disco wedding is an answer if you are looking at a way of making your event exceptional. A silent disco allows you to entertain your friends, family and guests in a way that will remain memorable for many years to come.

Perhaps, you may still be thinking is a silent disco ideal for all my guests? Is it necessary? Is it the ultimate solution that will entertain my guests without restrictions from neighbours? The answer to all these questions is yes. A Silent disco wedding is what you need to make your wedding more exciting. Here are 15 reasons why a silent disco wedding is an answer.

1. Fun for all

A silent disco is fun for all. It is a form of entertainment that will keep all your family and guests happy. It is without a doubt that entertainment has been a massive challenge for many wedding planners, brides and grooms. However, with the introduction of silent disco, you can explore a wide range of music and different channels to play during your wedding. This means that you can dance the night away with your friends while your family is entertained whether old or young.

2. Location

With a silent disco wedding, you can have your wedding at your most preferred location. There are no noise restrictions when it comes to this type of entertainment. Remember, it involves the use of speakers therefore, you do not worry about the speakers pumping out loud sounds that could possibly distract your neighbours. It is even more exciting because you can always add volume to a certain level, and switch headphones to entertain your guests until late hours.

Silent disco for weddings

3. It is something unique

When planning your wedding, you definitely want to make it outstanding and more exciting. A silent disco wedding is unique on its own, and it makes your event one of a kind. It is a way of engaging with your guests and create the real unique buzz that will be the talk of your neighbourhood/town for many years to come.

4. Multiple playlists

The beauty of a silent disco is that you can enjoy multiple playlists. This is cool, isn’t it? While you may enjoy classical music, your guests may have other eclectic tastes. A silent disco offers an array of playlists to match the needs of all in attendance.

5. Party till you drop

Often, wedding venues come with restrictions such as; not playing loud music until late in the night. However, with a silent disco, you can party till you drop because there are no noise restrictions. What’s more, you and your guests can dance the night away enjoying an array of music.

6. Entertain in the best you know

Wedding entertainment should keep your guests dancing, having fun and catching up in the best way possible. You and your soulmate understand the tastes of your friends and family when it comes to wedding music. Therefore, you will be able to create a unique festival filled with unlimited fun and entertainment. A silent disco gets everyone into the swing and mood of music and fun so that you can all party in the most unique and exciting way.

wedding silent disco

7. Silent wedding disco music

A silent disco is all about enjoying quality music in a cool environment. There is no shouting and no noise, just perfect and cool music. The silent disco is truly golden. It gives you peace in a tranquil way while getting you into the heart of music and dance.

8. Wireless

In the silent disco, you and your guests use wireless headsets. They are advanced, and they can pick quality signals up to 100 meters away. This means that you can go outside the entertainment room and still enjoy the best music. You will never miss a beat when it comes to this unique form of wedding entertainment.

9. The real entertainment factor

It is also soundless music that gives you time to achieve the real entertainment factor. With a constant stream of quality music, your guests will be entertained nonstop. They do not need to get bored because there is plenty of quality music to enjoy amazing dance styles to show off to family and friends as the DJ mixes different tunes.

wedding silent disco headphone hire

10. It is Hilarious

At a silent disco wedding, you will be singing along, dancing with friends and family without necessarily stopping to catch a glimpse of what is going on outside. The headsets allow you to take a breather while enjoying the best music mix, dance moves and to keep up with all that is happening at the venue.

What’s more, you can decide to take out your phone and take the most amazing videos and photos as guests dance and jump about in a silent room. It is hilarious as the disco turns guests into comedians making your event one of a kind.

A point to note is that a silent disco is hilarious because it can:

  • Be used as an entire dance and entertainment experience for all your guests.
  • It can be used a part of fun wedding games.
  • It can be used as a fun activity to spice up the reception.
  • A unique, entertainment and unique activity to dance the wedding night away with a bang.

11. Catch up at a normal level

In a nightclub, catching up with a friend would mean shouting, raising your voice or sitting very close together, so that you can hear what the other person is saying. However, with a silent disco, if you need to communicate, you only need to take off your headsets and engage at a reasonable level.
Furthermore, those around you will continue to enjoy dancing and listening to music because their headsets are on. To top it all, you will not lose your voice trying to communicate clearly.

12. No license restrictions

With a silent disco, there are no license restrictions. It is the coolest idea for alternative weddings, as it is a brand new way to tie the knot in an environment that you covet the most. Whether you want to say I do in your neighbourhood and have the reception in the same place, the silent disco is your ultimate answer.

silent disco headphones

13. Highly sociable

A wedding brings two new families together. It helps friends to bond more. You can make family and friendship relations even more special with a silent disco wedding. The whole idea of silent disco has a way of helping people to socialise. This is because you do not need to leave the room to engage in pleasant and discreet conversations. Even if you fall in love with a guest at the wedding, you can always talk out your heart and communicate about your feelings right at the heart of the dance floor. There is no waste of time and energy at a silent disco.

14. It blends traditional and contemporary disco theme

A silent disco wedding also blends a traditional and contemporary wedding theme. This means that even if your spouse is of an older generation or loves drum and bass kind of music and you don’t love it, the silent music is still the perfect solution to solve the dilemma. You can have a tango dance and have the groom dance to bass music, while the rest of the guests take to the floor with their most preferred styles.

The silent disco not only makes your wedding memorable, stylish but it also helps you to make a large wedding manageable and more personalised. It also creates a relaxed setting where all in attendance can have the best time to unwind.

15. Wedding of a lifetime

When you choose a silent disco wedding, you are making your event and wedding of a lifetime. You can make it more exciting with different activities such as wedding games, dance competitions amongst the young and the old. You can also choose unique events that will make your guests more excited than ever before. In this case, you need to explore unique wedding ideas to find out some of the most exciting activities that will keep all guests dancing and partying in the best way possible.

A silent disco wedding also allows you to unwind after months of stressful activities planning your wedding. A large part that wraps up any marriage is the entertainment because this is the time to let go, get down and be crazy on the dance floor with your better half, family and friends. The silent disco, in this case, adds an unexpected entertainment element that will not only make you happy, but it also makes your special day, a wedding of the year.

A Silent disco helps you to settle a bone of contention when it comes to wedding entertainment. You can have up to three channels, and an array of music loved by the groom, bride and parents. What’s more, as the night goes on, your guests can choose a channel they love and dance to wherever the mood of the day takes them.

Create an atmosphere for memorable wedding entertainment with The Silent Disco Company. This is a company that will sweep your wedding entertainment platform with top quality silent disco music.

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