Loaded iPods/iPads, Lighting, Photobooths, Dance Floors & Marquees Hire

Extras to Hire
Loaded iPods, Lighting
and Staffing.


Take advantage of our fully loaded iPods with enough party music to keep you going all night. Updated with over 3,000 songs chosen by The Silent Disco Company.

pre-loaded ipods
Basic LED Lighting

Basic LED

We can provide basic LED Lighting within our dry-hire packages, these are easy to set up and look great in any room.

Mixer &
Microphone Hire

Our small and easy mixers are available to hire for private events. Whether you require more than one music source on a single channel or the use of microphones.

We can provide a variety of AV equipment for your event, speak to our team to find out more.

Photobooth Hire - Unlimited Prints
Cinema Dry Hire

Cinema Dry

Our NEW dry hire service to host your very own Silent Cinema at home. We provide compact 12ft Inflatable screens along with a projector and silent disco headphones. Simply plug in and away you go! Our projectors support most HDMI devices as well as TV Sticks!

Battery Wireless

Our new battery operated transmitters are perfect for camping weekends, walking tours or events without a power source. We provide the very best in advanced transmitters for portable use with a generous 250m range. These also benefit from bluetooth connectivity to your device as well as a plug in microphone if required.

Battery Wireless Transmitters
Silent Disco Invitations

Silent Disco

We can provide customised silent disco invitations for your guests. Make your event stand out and get your guests excited!

& Tickets

Need to know who has headphones? We can supply silent disco printed wristbands, these are a great addition to any event and will supply them within your order.

Silent Disco Wristbands and Tickets

DJ's &

With over 10 years in the entertainment and events industry, we have professional and experienced staff that can offer both DJ's and Staffing to complete your event.

Our DJ's are handpicked for the occasion to create the perfect event; with all DJ services we also provide music playlists for the other channels of Silent Disco. Staffing solutions are available for all UK and Europe bookings, our experienced staff can personally attend your event to help manage and distribute equipment to your guests. With a mood for every type of event, we are confident we have the right silent disco DJ for you.

Dance Floors


A fantastic addition to any party or celebration. we supply many events across the UK and Europe.

Flashbands LED wristbands will create lighting effects across the dance floor and is a guaranteed party starter. The LED wristbands can be purchased as a DIY Package or event package with our friendly staff. Each order will come with an easy to use controller (hire) with many different settings to light up your event. Custom branding is included for all hires, just ask one of our friendly staff.

Silent Disco LED Wristbands

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