A perfect hen party is essential for the bride to be. The party is the last as a single lady with her best buddies and close friends. Therefore, it is no doubt that the hen party setup should be one without a glitch for it to be memorable and fun-filled.

Perhaps you have been tasked with planning hen party for the bride to be and you’re quite unsure of how to go about it. Possibly, you have never attended one or organised one before. Do not worry; here at the Silent Disco Company, we can assist you in planning hen party of the century. Before we dive into the planning, you would need a hen party checklist.

What Are Hen Party Ideas?

A hen party checklist is a listing used to determine if you have done the necessary and relevant things for the event. Also, it involves creating a to-do list for the party. The to-do list will assist you not to leave out any detail. While planning a party for a few people might seem like no big deal at first, it can be quite tasking when you begin. Having hen party checklist would help you to stay organised.

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Major Steps To Take When Planning A Hen Party

1. Start Early

A good hen party setup means starting soon. You do not want to plan a hen party when it is close to the wedding. It could be overwhelming for the bride-to-be and yourself. Therefore, it is advisable to start ticking stuff off your hen party planner checklist. By doing this, you have ample time to do all the things you need to do.

2. Pick A Date

The other steps on the to-do list for a hen party are dependent on the date you select. Keep in mind that the time has to favour the bride-to-be, so try to know her schedule. Also, since the day is supposed to involve her friends and relatives, ensure that at least two third of the guests are going to be available that day to avoid disappointment.

3. Have A Guest List

Hen party planning checklist should involve a guest list. Most times, they are people close to the bride. If unsure, you can get a list from the bride-to-be. You shouldn’t invite someone that the bride-to-be is uncomfortable around.

4. Set A Budget

At this stage, you might not know the exact amount that would be ideal for the hen party planning. However, you should have a pretty close estimate and round it off. By doing this, you can cover for expenses that come up along the way. Also, you would need a budget to be able to ascertain how much each guest would contribute. A bride-to-be is not supposed to pay for her hen party so source for funds from friends and family members.

5. Select A Location

It is necessary at this point for the location to be a place that suits the bride and also the guests. If the guests are coming from far places, choose a location that would not be too uncomfortable for the guests, and ensure that the bride would love it there too. Unless it is a surprise party, you can ask the bride about where she would prefer to have her hen party.

6. Send A Save-The-Date

The next step to take after gathering the guest list and selecting a location is to send a mail to the guests. You want to inform them about your plan for the hen party and the things to expect. Sending a mail at this period is important so guests can clear their appointments set for that date.

7. Select The Theme

Every hen party planning needs a theme. It makes the party more memorable and exciting. It is not compulsory you go for the regular sash and crown with white dresses. The idea is for you to plan a hen party that the bride-to-be would love.

8. Get Your Props

When you have decided about the party theme, it is time to get your accessories. You would need decorations, crowns, gift cards, and every single item for the perfect hen party. Also, your hen party planning template could include a separate to-do list for the props and items needed.

9. The Party Highlights

Planning a hen party involves selecting the games, the questions to ask, the music and things that would highlight the day. Most times, hen party planners account for every other thing but forget to plan for the order of events. Although there can be spontaneity in the party, it is better to have a mental picture of what you want during the party.

10. Send A Reminder

Sending reminders to the guests is not something you do once. However, you do not want to be overdoing it. After the save the date mail, two reminder emails for each guest is enough. One email when the party is one month out and another when the party is a few days out.

Tips To Consider For The Hen Party Planning

  1. Make It About The Bride: The hen party planning should have the bride at its centre. You should take into consideration her preferences, her dislikes, and things that make her happy. If unsure, you can ask her what she wants.
  2. Don’t Forget Transportation: Transportation for the guests and the bride is crucial. You should not be arranging for transport on the day of the hen party. Remember, every minute of the hen party should be a fantastic experience for the bride.
  3. Be Flexible: You probably already have a picture you want to create for the bride, but some things would not allow you to actualise that plan. They could be insufficient funds or a location that is too far. Therefore, you need to be flexible with your ideas.
  4. Let Guests Know What To Expect: Definitely, you do not want the guest to be clueless on the day. The only person you are out to surprise is the bride-to-be. You could involve some of the guests in the hen party planning committee but ensure all the guests know how the party is going to go down.
  5. Social Media Game: Pictures are one of the things that make a hen party setup unforgettable. However, you should be aware of the pictures the bride would like to post. You should not pick an outfit that the bride would not like posting or locations that would make her feel uncomfortable. Also, you should take permission from the bride-to-be before posting her pictures on social media.
  6. Make It Fun-Filled: Lastly, remember to have fun. Every event of the day must be enjoyable. Your hen party planning checklist should revolve around making the day exciting.

Last Word

You are now aware that planning a hen party could be tasking. You need to ensure you tick off everything on the hen party planner checklist. Also, the idea is to create an unforgettable hen party for the bride-to-be. Therefore, ensure that every decision you take is for the bride-to-be.

Hen party checklist

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