Are you looking forward to going to music festivals in 2020? Well, this is the right time to prepare for them. Other than setting aside enough money for the events, it is also critical to know the relevant information such as the festival’s names, dates, and venues. This article offers you all the details.

How Should You Prepare For A Festival?

Even before getting to know the names of the 2020 music festivals, it is vital to know what to expect and do during the events. You must:

Be Ready For An Exciting time

A music festival is designed to offer you maximum fun. Everyone does their part because of the drive to connect the consumer with a brand. A once in a lifetime will be offered to you at a reasonable fee. As such, you must never go into the events with the idea that you will be passing your time.

Pay For the Tickets In Advance

You will be left out if you wait until the last minute to get tickets for the top music festivals. People wait and prepare for the events many months prior to the big day. It is always wise to be a step ahead by finding out where the tickets are sold and how much you are required to pay. You may end up getting incredible deals, if you pay for the event early enough.

Be Comfortable

As stated earlier, you must be willing to see and do things you have never imagined from a festival. Accordingly, being comfortable is a critical part of attending the event. Wear comfortable shoes and dress and avoid drinking too much water. You can leave your phone behind if you know that co-workers or friends will be texting on the due date. If you are attending the event for more than two days, there is a need to conserve your energy at some point. Take time to relax and rejuvenate your body.

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Some of the best UK music festivals in 2020 are:

1. Glastonbury Festival

This is one of the most popular music festivals in the UK. It is a five-day festival that takes place every year at the Worthy Farm near the Pylle and Pilton villages. The headliners are pop and rock artists. Over 175,000 visitors attend the event. Besides the incredible music, you will get other forms of art including cabaret, comedy, and circus among other things. It will be taking place from 24th and 28th June 2020.

2. Malcolm Allured

This event will take place from 9th to 11th of August 2020. You will have a chance to camp on site and enjoy all the fun. Outdoor toilet facilities and car parks are provided. You could enjoy the bites from the outdoor barbeque or get inside the venue for a drink and dance. The price ranges from 83 to 560 pounds depending on the facilities and activities you are allowed to enjoy. It will take place in Eastwood, Nottingham.

3. Nedwood Music Festival

If your family has been demanding to go for a festival, Nedwood musical festival is the place to be. It is family-oriented and features amazing bands playing all genres of songs including reggae, soul, and jazz. You could also take the time to showcase your skills in music because a karaoke time is set aside just for you. The Nedwood’s got talent is also featured.

Once tired, visit the pop-up bar and get served with cool drinks at a pocket friendly price. The caterers are ready to thrill you with mouth-watering meals. If this does not work for you, a separate camping area is set aside with many toilets and show facilities. It will take place on Turnpost Farm, Wymeswold from 28th to 30th of August 2020.

4. Lovebox

Groove Armada designed this festival with people who adore incredible beats in mind. You can decide to take some drinks at the bar or go to the vintage market to view some art pieces. Anyone can attend, from the close-knit family to the wild singles who love music, dance and other forms of art. It will take place from 12th June to 15th June 2020 in London.

5. Creamfields Festival

This festival has gained popularity over the years because every attendant gets to learn a skill or two about music and dance. Indeed, the cream band always delivers. Thousands of people head every year to the United Kingdom to get the experience that is full of epic visuals and lightings. It takes place at Daresbury on 9th May 2020.

Deepdale Festival

By attending this festival, you will get the rare chance of celebrating all manner of music and art in the east of England. Over 30 acts are hosted including the spoken word, drum workshops, and poetry. Several stages are included. The main stage is located off the Backpackers Hotel Courtyard while a smaller stage is in the courtyard while orchard tent will host the acoustic stage. Special sessions will be held at St. Mary’s church. You can go to the shops for snacks or buy some of the meals prepared at the venue. It will take place from 24th to 29th September 2020.

7. Download Festival

When you yearn for a moment of wild fun, find tickets for the download festival. It has been held in the past and left the attendants yearning for more rock and metal experience. You can go to the two outdoor stages and enjoy the music or just go to the woods when you need to relax. Popular artists will attend while beet and food will be provided. It will take place at Donnington Park, Derby from 12th to 14th June 2020.

8. The Eyes Have It Music Festival

This is one of the top music festivals where you are assured of being treated to good drinks and food in a quiet environment. A variety of music is played including rock and pop. Big names are invited to make the experience even better. It will take place at Eyes Meadow, Derbyshire, from July 3 to July 5, 2020.

9. Bestival

The musical performers in this show are known to do all manner of absurd things on stage. People turn up with fancy wear ready to dance and have fun. Piano playing, mischief in the wee hours of the night, playfulness at the lakeside and crazy presentations at the theatre are allowed. It will take place at the Lulworth Castle in August 2020.

10. All Points East Festival

This festival will leave you excited because the biggest entertainers of all times such as the chemical brothers, primal scream and hot chip are invited. A “neighbourhood” period is offered, where the entry is free. Various community-based activities will take place during these moments. It will take place at Victoria Park, London, from 22 May to 25 May 2020.

11. Stonedeaf Festival

If you just wish to attend a one-day festival, this is the place to be.  All that you need in is provided including great rock music, well-prepared meals, and other facilities. Camping is available. Whether you are friends, families, or even children, there is a range of activities to choose from. It is located at the Newark Showground on 29th August 2020.

12. Boomtown

This is one of the few non-commercialized music festivals in the UK. It and features different musical movements. You will celebrate the acts at the thereafter and get into fantasies showcased at the stage. The event will be held at Winchester from 12th to 16th August 2020.

13. Latitude Festival

This event takes place at an English countryside and hence, you may never be prepared enough for what will take place. The DJs could be hiding in the woods while the opera will be held near the late. At the onsite cinema, you will get to view incredible films. Dance troupes will teach you new moves while the children will have different activities to engage in. The festival takes place at Southwold from 16th to 20th July 2020.

14. Houghton Festival

The event has won the hearts of many because if superior sound quality, great choice of the location, proper scheduling, and ideal atmosphere. The organizers are well versed with different types of music and how to create mixes that send the audience yelling and yearning for more fun. It takes places at Houghton in August 2020.

15. Green Man Festival

Over 1500 performers are invited at this event. They are always prepared to surprise the audience with great art pieces including music, comedy, and poetry. You can take some time off to visit the spa and get a refreshing moment. The Black Mountains in Wales make the atmosphere ideal for partying and relaxing. It will be held at the Brecon Beacons from 20 August to 23 August, 2020.

Certainly, you will be thrilled to attend the top music festivals listed here. While a range of activities and amenities are provided, the charges are reasonable. It is, however, important to ensure that the organizers are working with a reputable company to get the right equipment for the event. The Silent Disco Company is reputable in offering such services. With over ten years of experience, you are assured that the sound’s quality will be perfect.

2020 “Festival” Party

Due to COVID-19 restrictions in 2020, a large number of festivals that were due to take place this year have been cancelled or postponed. This is unfortunate but it doesn’t have to completely upset your plans, as an alternative, we recommend throwing a festival themed party with your closest friends and family! – Of course it doesn’t have to be a festival theme, we have a created a list of the best theme party ideas that we could think of, take a look for some inspiration!

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