How to Use Spotify or Music Devices for Your Silent Disco Hire

If you’re looking to be in full control of your silent disco or simply want to use some of your leftover budget for snacks and drinks, being your own silent disco hire DJ is a fantastic option.

Thankfully, DJing yourself is a lot easier than it used to be due to the huge variety of music streaming apps available on the market, including Spotify. But if you’re unfamiliar with how to use your audio devices with music streaming platforms, it can make organising your event a little frustrating and nerve-racking.

Don’t worry, we’ll be going over exactly how to use Spotify or music devices for your silent disco hire in a few simple steps so you can spend more time partying than worrying!

Music Streaming Apps for Android or iOS

There are a vast number of music streaming apps available on Android or iOS that you can use for your silent disco, including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, SoundCloud, YouTube Music, Tidal, and Deezer.

All of these platforms boast a wide range of music and silent disco hire playlists that can be accessed via WiFi and mobile networks, or even downloaded ahead of time for offline use.

Step 1: Select Your Music Streaming App

As mentioned above, there is an abundance of music streaming apps you can use for a silent disco hire, but Spotify is by far the easiest to use and features the largest collection of music.

However, the platform’s free monthly subscription comes with ad breaks, so it’s worth upgrading to the Premium version to ensure your guests get the best experience.

Upon upgrading, you’ll receive instant access to all music on Spotify completely ad-free, with the bonus of being able to download songs and playlists for offline listening, which is ideal if there is no WiFi or mobile reception at your venue.


Step 2: Create Your Silent Disco Playlist 

Preparing a silent disco can be a lot simpler with a DJ as you won’t need to spend as much time planning playlists, but hiring one can certainly drive up your party expenses. Making your own playlists is a good way to save some money and give you more control of your night.

Creating a playlist on Spotify is easy – just click the “New Playlist” button and search for tracks you want to add. You can look for specific tracks or artists, as well as search for certain keywords like “silent disco songs”, “2000s R&B”, and “90s dance hits”.

Besides, if any guests have song requests, you’ll be able to quickly add them to your playlist to ensure everyone gets to listen to their favourite tunes.

However, the sheer amount of music available on Spotify and other similar platforms can also make organising a playlist difficult, especially if you’re not sure the type of music you want for your party. And there’s nothing worse than creating a playlist only to realise halfway through your silent disco hire that it’s too short – it can be such a mood killer.

Our Spotify playlists remove all of these worries, ensuring your party has the best songs for an unforgettable night that doesn’t end prematurely. Just search “The Silent Disco Company” into Spotify for the latest silent disco hire playlists.


Hire 3-Channel Silent Disco Headphones

Everyone has their own music tastes, so it’s impossible to make sure all your guests are listening to the genres they enjoy the most. That’s why LED silent headphones that are capable of running up to 3 different channels can be a real party saver.

The Silent Disco Company LED silent headphones come with convenient plug and play features so you can plug any music source into the provided lightweight and small transmitter. Better yet, they have a huge 500-metre range and can run up to 3 separate channels.

This allows for 3 audio devices to play 3 different music playlists at the same time, enabling your guests to select which channel they want to listen to by just switching a button on their headphones.

You could create one playlist dedicated to 80s records, another for 90s tracks, and the last one assigned to all the latest dance hits to satisfy all of your guests’ music preferences.

Hire a Silent Disco Company Fully Loaded Tablet 

Planning a silent disco can be time-consuming as not only do you need to select the right music, but you also need to ensure that there is at least one suitable device to play your playlists on.

That’s why a silent disco hire fully loaded tablet can be a great choice, ensuring your party has enough tunes for the entire event and a state-of-the-art device that’s up to the task of delivering all your music. You can’t exactly use a flip phone that has been sitting in your drawer for 20 years!

The Silent Disco Company fully loaded tablets come with more than specially selected 3,000 tracks so you never have to worry about your guests running out of music before the party is over.

Step 3: Use Spotify DJ Mode 

Being a silent disco hire DJ isn’t as difficult as it might sound thanks to Spotify’s useful built-in app features that can be easily turned on or off in Settings Preferences, including Autoplay, Playback, and Automix.

With the Automix and Playback features activated, Spotify will automatically mix and crossfade your songs – you can even set the duration of the crossfade between tracks.

Use Spotify DJ Mode

Step 4: Use Spotify Play Queue

Updating your Spotify playlist is a breeze even when your silent disco is in full swing. All you need to do is search for the song you want to add, then press “Add to Queue” to place it in your silent disco playlist.

You can also change the order of the songs in the Queue list by dragging them up or down, allowing you to easily manage song requests and quickly prioritise which song you want to hear first.

Use Spotify Play Queue

Step 5: Plug-in, Play, and Party

After all that planning and organising, it’s finally time to party and enjoy yourself! If you’ve chosen LED silent headphones, all that’s left to do is hook up 3 music sources (laptops, tablets, mobile phones, or mp3 players) to the channel inputs on the transmitters and make sure everyone has a pair of headphones.

Now your guests can choose the playlist they want to listen to so they dance the night away – in silent, stylish fashion, of course. 

Looking to host your own silent disco? Contact us now so we can help you plan an unforgettable event. 

And if you’re searching for something a little extra special and unique, we offer a full-service package that includes lighting, DJs, staging, staffing, production, and entertainment. Fill in our form today and receive your free quote within 12 hours. 

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