The Ultimate Themed Parties Ideas:

Themed parties are a great idea to allow your workplace to use their creativity. You can opt for a retro-themed party or a costume contest. 

With themed parties, it’s a brilliant way to get everyone involved and have fun. It is also great for your employees to vote on the theme or even dress up as their favourite characters.

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A Heart Pumping Silent Disco Party:

As biased as we are going to be about a silent disco (we think it’s a great idea) it is a great way to cater to all of your colleagues’ musical preferences and needs while being able to choose a venue that suits everyone.

Silent Disco

A silent disco is also a distinctly unique experience for all team members, with 1 pair of silent disco headphones providing up to 3 different channels of music that allow your team to switch between the channels depending on their taste.

It also provides some pretty comedic moments in the night; your best friend at work is dancing to the ‘Macarena’ while you’re boogying on down to ABBA.

Alfie Green shared his experience with silent discos: “The Silent Disco company were so helpful! We ordered a silent disco for our wedding and they were so helpful and quick to sort things out in sorting out issues with delivery and collection. The disco was a great hit and exactly what we wanted.”

The Most Adventurous Outdoor Parties Ideas:

Take advantage of the great outdoors and plan an outdoor work event to keep everyone feeling fit and energised. This doesn’t have to involve starting the morning at 5 am with a long hike but could be a picnic in the park or maybe even an outdoor sports tournament.

Outdoor Party Idea

There are plenty of options to choose from that will provide a much-needed break from the office environment. With this one, be mindful that not everyone is a fan of the outdoors, so make sure to cover all bases with an office poll before sending out the invitations. 

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DIY Party Ideas

Let your team’s creative side flourish with a DIY crafting party. Maybe the team has always dreamt of starting a group-wide painting session, or maybe pottery is their jam.

DIY Party Idea

Either way, there are endless possibilities for creative projects that will bring out everyone’s inner artist.

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Culinary Party Ideas

Culinary Party Idea

They say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and the same holds true for work parties. Treat your team to a culinary experience they soon won’t forget, with activities like cooking classes or a food truck festival.

We hope this has helped you find creative new work party ideas for your team to enjoy. 

Whether you opt for a theme-based party, an outdoor adventure, a DIY crafting session, a culinary experience, or a silent disco, the key is to choose an idea that reflects your team’s interests and personalities.

With the right planning and creativity, your next work party is sure to be a roaring success!

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What is the best party idea?
Themed parties:
Outdoor parties or adventures
Painting and pottery
Crafts party
Cooking class
Food truck festival

Silent disco What is the best party theme?
Hollywood Glamour
Great Gatsby Extravaganza
Cocktail Party
WildWest Hoedown
Magical Ocean Party

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