Have You Attended a Silent Disco?

Whether you have or haven’t, we recommend you enjoy the new year party at a quiet disco this new year’s eve! Don’t let those neighbours complaints about you being “too loud” put an end to your new year celebration!

Silent disco means that you can party and celebrate the start of 2017 with your friends without disturbing your neighbour’s slumber, along with not having to wake up in the morning with a sore throat from shouting at your mates over the music the whole evening.

Things to Do on New Year’s Eve

It is important to ensure that you hold a new year’s eve party that you will remember in years to come, as it is a special time of year when people get together and celebrate.

This is why we want to help. There is no need to be searching the internet for “new year’s eve party ideas” as silent disco events are a popular clubbing experience that the whole family will enjoy.

With three different music channels at this disco, there can be music that the kids will enjoy, songs for the adults to dance to and tunes that the grandparents will love.

There is no need to worry about neighbours or kids trying to sleep, as this headphone party means that no one but those with headphones will be able to hear the music.

Music Mayhem

Have you ever held a party where you are getting non-stop music requests or you have had to spend half of your time setting what songs to play next?

That hassle will now magnificently disappear with the bonus of having three music channels for your silent disco at home.

When your guests arrive at your silent disco parties and put on their headphones, they have a choice of three different music channels to choose from.

Another advantage is that the music transmitter can be linked up to many devices such as laptops, iPods and phones, DJ mixers and even TV’s. All you have to do is set the songs in advance and then you can relax the rest of the evening, not having to worry about the music.

New Years Eve Party Ideas for Adults

No matter if you are searching for new years eve house party ideas for adults or looking for something that people of all ages can enjoy. The kids will be over the moon with wearing these awesome silent disco headphones at your disco party.

Meanwhile, the silent party can continue long after the kids are tucked away in bed, while you stay up and join in with the new year’s eve countdown to see the new year in.

Nightclub or Home

Whether you are a nightclub looking to give your visitors an interesting evening with a silent rave, or you are wanting to hold a silent party at home as you are trying to avoid upsetting your neighbours, we are more than happy to give you a hand with our silent disco equipment, all of which is of good quality and is carefully looked after and tested before being sent to the next disco party.

Set a Silent Disco Party Trend

Silent disco parties are becoming a trend with there being silent disco weddings, silent disco night club events and even many silent disco occasions! So be a trend setter!

Silent Disco Rental

Do you want to hire a disco? At The Silent Disco Company we rent out our headphones for anyone who wants to hold the best new year’s eve parties that will be remembered for years to come.

Fur further information, please click on our hire prices page to find out the prices for all of our silent disco hire packages. If you have any questions about our disco for hire, then please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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