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Neighbours Having a Silent Disco

By: edm

Summer is almost over, and before the rain comes, you have got to have some fun in the sun. Let’s face it; you don’t really get to hear about fantastic barbecue parties. They are quite boring. Well, unless you throw one like this:It’s amazing! You get all the food you want, little small-talk and can even pick your soundtrack. With over 10,000 views on YouTube and counting, you can understand why people love the idea so much. It’s the ultimate barbecue-music combination.
Look how green you are with envy! Well, it’s expected! A lot of people feel the same way.

But the best thing is how considerate they were in not disturbing their neighbours.

Really, what’s there not to love about this harmless music-barbecue combo? Well, only Tory James Cleverly can be unattracted to this!

If we had the great weather and time like these guys in the video had, best-believe that we would have as much fun with the food, moves and music as they had.

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