Just like adults, children love an exciting and entertaining disco party. The music, games, dance and beautiful lighting make an amazing party that will entertain children across different age groups. Organising a disco party is also an excellent way to keep the children busy during the holidays. With many entertainment ideas to explore, you can always plan a party that will make up part of lifetime memoirs for your kids.

To ensure your disco runs smoothly, there are a number of things to keep in mind. You need to pre-plan and have a checklist that is appropriate for all children. Therefore, know who is attending the disco, their friends, understand them and know what they love.

At the Silent Disco Company, our team are experts at putting on fantastic silent disco parties for all ages, so read on to find out more of our top tips for hosting a party for children.

Important Tips to Organising a Disco for Children

1. Invitations

To organise a successful disco party for the kids, you need the most colourful invitations. Design cards and beautiful stationery, or even videos inviting kids for the disco party. Explore beautiful party ideas online and create the best messages for the children. Such will leave the kids more excited as they plan to attend the party. Encourage them in the invitation cards to put on their best dancing shoes and dresses.

 2. Set the Stage – Create a Fun Atmosphere

Based on your needs, you can have the disco in your yard, indoors if your living room is spacious or in a venue for hire. Decorate the space in a way that will excite the kids. Based on the theme of the event, choose colours that will spruce up the party.

party decoration

You can set a disco stage with the best flashing lights. Dim up the lights in the room to a level that is safe and good for the kids. You can also consider string mini disco lights around the disco room.

Decorate the room using fairly lights, props, balloons, fun photographs, glow sticks and confetti among other exciting kid’s decorations.

3. Music and Entertainment

Kids love music and their tastes vary. In this light, choose music that will appeal to different age groups for example music for kids aged 1 to 5 years, and for those aged 6 to 9 years. Ensure your playlist has music that is not only entertaining, but also educational. This will help kids to have fun while learning a thing or two.

You can also consider a DJ for kids disco. DJs are experienced, and they know how to mix the music for quality entertainment. Similarly, a DJ will always keep an eye on the children to ensure all of them are well entertained. Remember, a professional kids DJ understands the needs of different age groups.

In addition, having a professional DJ will help the kids to explore different disco games and competitions. The DJ will show the kids how to make the best dance moves, sing along and interact in a more entertaining approach. During the competition, a DJ can give gifts to;

  • The best dancer.
  • Loudest singer.
  • The most comical dancer.
  • The most original singer and dancer.
  • The kids who make the disco more entertaining.

A professional DJ is in a better place to identify such kids, hence making the disco not only entertaining but also more rewarding.

Free dance entertainment is also good for children. For example, ask the kids to freeze as a robot, party hat and even cartoon characters they often associate with. This adds a twist of fun to the disco.

Apart from music and dance, there are exciting games you can engage the kids in. Limbo is fun, and you do not need a winner or a loser for the game to be exciting. Children can go down or lower under the limbo stick as they challenge themselves. To make the game more exciting, play Limbo songs.

Hot Potato is also another exciting game, and you can use flashing light balls instead of potatoes. Play music and let the kids pass the lights in rounds until the music stops.

The kids can also play musical number games, and participate in different activities that relate to the event.

4. Classic Party Food

A disco party without food may not be exciting for kids. Serve food in a colourful and sparkling way. Go for snacks such as cake pops, doughnuts, fruit salad, and skewer sticks. The rule of thumb is to pick kids favourites while adding a decorative twist. The other food to consider for the kids include;

  • Sandwich.
  • Pizza.
  • Snacks such as potato chips.
  • Healthy snacks foods such as baby carrots and grapes.
  • Butter cookies.
  • Cupcakes, glitter ball cakes and birthday cakes with musical decoration notes as well as beautiful icing.
birthday desert

Such features in kiddie’s treats will spice up the party. Ensure the snacks or cakes you choose truly stands out, and the kids will have a disco party of their lifetime.

5. An Exciting Break

A disco party can be exhausting for the kids. Let them take an exciting break to keep them in the party mood. During the break, you can craft a project where kids can interact and relax. Create sun catchers, for example, using old CDs and glue them together, let the kids play with pony beads and let the youngest of all play with an assortment of stickers.

Kids can also paint their favourite characters, engage in face painting, and entertain each other in song and dance. Such activities will help them to relax and enjoy the party. After the break, this is usually the best time to bring out a beautiful cake. The kids can sing, blow candles out and play with balloons as the cake is served. Ensure everyone has a piece.

6. Party Favours

Once the party is over, the kids have danced and enjoyed the music, send them home early enough with party favours. Have the best kids’ disco themed goodies including key chains, disco ball necklaces, and bangles, beautiful ball games and add candies. Kids love party favours in bags, and you can create the best-personalised bags for them. This is something you can do before the party. Include kids names so that they can feel more appreciated.


7. Take Photos

Photos create beautiful memories. Since many kids today know how to operate smart-phones, you can let them take pictures with their friends. Alternatively, have a photographer to capture every single smile, activity, and fun-filled moments during the event.

You can also design the most beautiful thank you cards. Include beautiful messages that will appeal to the kids in the cards. Do not forget anyone who volunteers to help out during the disco party. Often managing kids during such events is not an easy task. Friends, neighbours, and parents of the kids may help out to make the event a success. Give them thank you cards, presents or write them messages appreciating their efforts.

How to Organise a Disco for Children Checklist

Clear Objective

Have a clear objective, and let the kids know what the disco is all about. Is it the disco alone, or it includes a birthday party? This will help the kids to prepare well for the event.

children photo

Have a list of activities that the children will engage in. This will allow you to purchase all the necessary items for play and dance.

Plan Ahead

Plan the event early enough whether it is a small disco party or a big one.

Plan out the week, identify the location, have a list of the events, and send the invitations early enough.

Make Practical Considerations

Health and Safety of the Kids

The health and safety of the kids in a disco party are important. Plan a disco that will allow the kids to play, sing, dance and interact in the safest way possible. Get rid of anything that can cause accidents or injuries during the party.

Decide on who will be responsible for keeping an eye on the kids, especially if the event is big. It is good to have a first aid kit in a visible location and ensure kids get help when they need it.

Children’s Activities

Children’s activities and games add pomp and colour to a disco party. Therefore, be clear in your invitation to what the kids will do so that they can plan well.

Photography is good during the event. Based on the type of activities the kids will engage in, you can hire a photographer or have the kids volunteer to take photos.

Venue Booking, Licenses, and Permission

If you are having an outdoor disco for children, you need to get a venue that will accommodate all the children. This is crucial, if you will use music equipment and a professional DJ to entertain the kids. Get all the necessary documents or permission to use a specific venue for the event to avoid possible interruptions.


You need the right budget for the event. Have a rough budget based on what is needed. Remember, you need to buy decors, order for the cake, and other party essentials. All these need a good budget, so that there will be enough food and play items for all the kids.

With these tips in mind, planning a disco for the children will definitely be much easier. However, you can add pomp and colour as well as professional touch to your event with UKs The Silent Disco Company; a leading LED silent disco hire and party company.

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