Silent discos are a popular trend, taking clubs and parties by storm, but do you know what equipment you need to hold one?

What Do You Need for a Silent Disco?

To hold a silent disco, there are two important things that you need:

Silent Disco Headphones – When holding a silent disco, you can’t use just any ordinary headphones. Our silent disco headphones are LED wireless and rechargeable, meaning that there is no hassle of constantly having to change the batteries. The volume and channel of music can also be adjusted through the headphones.

Silent Disco Transmitter – For all silent parties it is important to have a wireless transmitter. At The Silent Disco Company, our wireless transmitters have a 500 meter range, in which people can listen to their music. Meanwhile, the wireless transmitter also has a three channel selection, which can be connected to an iPod, laptop or to a DJ performing at your party, giving your guests the choice of music to choose from.

How Does a Silent Disco Work?

People often ask the question how do you have a silent disco? but it is actually much easier than you probably realise:

How to organise a silent disco – Organising a silent disco party is actually much easier than you no doubt imagine it to be. The only thing that you need to do differently compared to holding any other normal party, is you need to arrange your silent disco headphone hire.

How to set up a silent disco – When setting up the silent disco, it is important to make sure you have different styles of music prepared to suit a variety of your guests. As the wireless headphone connection has three different channels, this means you can link up the wireless transmitter to three different music stations. Your guests throughout the silent disco can change music station depending on what music or songs they fancy listening to at any given moment.

Meanwhile, The Silent Disco Company offer many other services such as:

  • Lighting and sound
  • Solutions staging
  • Event production
  • Event management
  • Dance floors
  • Entertainment

Silent Disco Events

The use of our silent disco equipment is not just restricted to disco events, our silent party equipment has many, many other uses:

Wedding Hire – On that special day, no one wants the party to end, but that can be a struggle with noise restrictions in neighbourhood areas. A silent disco wedding is the answer you have been looking for.

Corporate/Exhibition Hire – When holding corporate meeting and exhibitions, it can be a bit of a struggle to translate when people from different countries are attending. By using silent disco hire for corporate events, the separate channels can be used as different languages so that everyone can understand what is being said.

Silent Cinema Hire – If you want to hold an outdoor cinema evening, but you are worried of the evening noise restrictions, then silent cinema hire can come in incredibly handy.

Party Hire – No matter what kind of party you are holding, from that small family get-together to massive birthday or new year’s eve parties, our silent disco party hire service can bring a bit more fun and entertainment to the evening.

Silent Disco Hire – Whether you are having a disco party, or you’re searching for a headphone rental service for your nightclub, disco headphones are a fun and trendy way to attract more attention to your disco theme party.

If you are interested in silent disco headphones rental, then why not contact The Silent Disco Company today at 0208 432 6151 (CLICK TO CALL).

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