Do you want to celebrate the onset of a new year and a fresh start in style? But the only problem is that you don’t fancy going clubbing?

Don’t worry; there are actually plenty of alternative ways that you can see in the new year – clubbing is seriously overrated, after all.

1. Head to an Underground Bar

Want to have a drink and a dance but escape the crowds that the new year brings out?

Then consider heading to an underground bar that is not well known by the masses.

These bars are always filled with a bunch of regulars who drink there day in, day out, and they are home to a bartender who knows how to make some mean cocktails.

2. Make a Memory Box

For the year that you are leaving behind, sit down and make a memory box. Think of it as a mini time capsule that snapshots one single year.

Fill a box with little things that remind you of all of the best parts of the year that has just gone by.

Perhaps you could also include a letter to your future self that can be opened next New Year’s Eve?

3. Make DIY Cocktails

Don’t fancy going out and would rather stay in? Consider making DIY cocktails to see in the new year with.

Spend the evening mixing up some of your favourite cocktails and then sit back and relax while sipping on them.

If you are stuck for ideas, on New Year’s Eve you can’t go wrong with champagne cocktails.

4. Invite your Friends Over for a Sleepover

What better way to see in the start of a new year than to invite a group of your closest friends over for a pyjama party, lots of snacks, movies, and champagne?

Having a New Year’s Eve sleepover means that you get to start the new year close to your bed, which you can flop into when everything gets too much.

5. Plan a Games Night

You, a few friends, Articulate, Monopoly, and Uno. What more could you want?

Invite your friends over for a new year games night, where you can play board games and relax with a glass of your favourite wine and see in the new year in comfort.

6. Skype Your Bestie

Is your best friend located miles from you and isn’t able to spend the start of the new year with you, consider Skyping them instead.

That way you can still see in the new year together, just in a virtual sense.

7. Go to the Theatre

Look at what is on at your local theatre on New Year’s Eve and book tickets for yourself and a group of friends.

Whether it’s a ballet, a show, or an opera, you will get the opportunity to dress up all fancy, have drinks, and watch an amazing piece of drama together.

What could be more exciting? You could even book to go for dinner first or drinks afterwards.

8. Take Part in a Silent Disco Party

Have you always wanted to attend a silent disco party where everyone listens to their choice of music while dancing like you would in a nightclub?

This kind of party is wonderfully unique and an incredible way to see in the New Year.

Silent disco is a lot of fun and is ideal for anyone with an alternative taste in music, as you are able to choose what music you listen to, while dancing with your friends and having fun.

9. Create a Home Cinema

Love the concept of seeing the new year in with a movie of your choice? Then why not turn your living room into a home cinema?

All you will need to do it is a smartphone projector – these aren’t expensive at all – and a blank wall or white sheet to project the movie onto.

Of course, plenty of popcorn, ice cream, and champagne is also a must.

10. Host a Dinner Party

Do you love to cook and enjoy hosting dinner parties that bring all of your closest friends together?

If the answer is yes, then why not host a dinner party on New Year’s Eve and bring all of your friends together?

You could serve a range of dishes or simply ‘party snacks’ along with a selection of cocktails and other drinks. Just think how much fun hosting a dinner party could be.

11. Organise a Bake-off

Invite anyone who loves to cook to your house and plan a night of bake-off fun, complete with a panel of two or three judges to taste and rate your food.

You can choose to each make one dish or three dishes, it is completely up to you. The idea is that you are able to have some fun on New Year’s Eve while baking.

12. Camp Under the Stars

What could be more exciting than seeing in the start of a new year under the stars by an open campfire?

Love this idea – then pack up a tent, some firewood, and a selection of campfire food, and head to your favourite camping spot.

13. Make Jelly Shots in All Manner of Flavours

Hold a party at your home and ask each guest to bring their own batch of DIY jelly shots.

These can range from tequila slammer jelly shots to prosecco ones, it doesn’t matter what’s in them, just as long as they are alcoholic.

14. Stay in Bed

Love your bed? Exhausted already? Then why not spend New Year’s Eve in your bed, relaxing and snoozing while watching your favourite movie?

15. Plan a Date Night

Got a partner? Then why not make New Year’s Eve the ultimate date night?

Plan a date that lasts all night and incorporates all manner of different activities, from a delicious meal to bowling and crazy golf.

The more creative that you can be, the better.

There you have it, 15 alternative ways that you can choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

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