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Throw an unforgettable wedding everyone will love with our dry hire and custom party packages.

No noise restrictions. No need to shout. No squabbling over different music tastes — just great fun all night long for everybody. Nationwide.

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Silent Disco Wedding Hire

For a truly professional silent disco wedding reception, with all the latest gear.

Everything needs to be perfect on your wedding day. And that’s exactly why we’ve invested in the latest and most stylish set-ups — with ultra-modern lighting equipment and sound quality systems. We’ll even match our disco lighting and equipment with the decor and theme of your special day. So it’ll not just sound great. It’ll look great.

Any wedding. Any venue. Diversity of experience is our strength. We’ve helped throw killer weddings ranging from the modern to the traditional, to afro-beats, Indian, traditional folk and more — sometimes simultaneously! That’s the beauty of a silent disco wedding hire. Everyone gets the music of their choice.

Reasons you’ll love our silent wedding disco hire packages:

  • Variety Of Music

    Satisfies every music taste.

    Weddings bring together people from all backgrounds, ages and groups — who will all have their own music preferences. With a silent disco wedding, everyone can listen to the music they love. With up to 3 music channels to choose from on our silent disco headphones — guests can dance to Paramour, Cher and Justin Bieber at the same time.

  • No More Noise Restrictions

    No more noise restrictions.

    Many wedding venues have weird or unfamiliar rules when it comes to broadcasting music and licensing. With silent disco parties, you don’t have to worry about any of that. With the added bonus that you can dance the night away without upsetting the neighbours.

  • No Need to Shout

    No more shouting.

    Enjoy a catch-up with the grandparents, your mates, or anyone without risking a sore throat in the morning. All you’ll have to do is take off your headphones!

  • Wireless music

    Perfect for any venue.

    Big or small, from a small function room to a large stately home, hotel or castle — we’ve got over 12,000+ headphones ready to drop off and collect once you’re done with them. Wherever it is in the UK, we’re happy to help you celebrate.

  • Variety Of Music

    Pro silent disco wedding DJs are available.

    If you fancy a silent disco wedding DJ to keep the music flowing and the crowd going, then we can easily arrange for an expert disc-jockey to mix all of the best tunes across the 3 silent headphone channels.

  • Alternative Entertainment

    They’re low stress & very affordable alternative.

    With a silent disco wedding, no one is left out when it comes to the music choice. And with £10 million liability insurance cover, along with regularly tested gear, you can party in the knowledge that everything’s been taken care of.

    And on top of that, silent discos are generally much cheaper than typical wedding disco functions. Even though our set-ups look just as good — if not better — than the rest. Choose a silent disco, and your wedding will long be remembered for its quirkiness and uniqueness.

Silent Disco WeddingsA Unique Wedding Entertainment

No one enjoys shouting over loud music to talk to your friends, whereas a silent disco wedding party allows guests to remove their headphones and enjoy catching up with family and friends without losing their voices.

    Dry Hire Service:

  • Multiple channels of music to suit all taste's
  • Over 12000 LED Headphones in stock
  • Easy Setup with Plug and Play
  • Noise Restriction Solution
  • Latest Rechargeable LED Headphones
  • Optional dry hire extra's
  • Delivery & Collection service included

    Other Service:

  • DJ Packages
  • Staffing
  • Event Lighting
  • Photobooths
  • Dance Floors
  • LED Flashbands
  • Entertainment

Easy, high-tech headphones with powerful transmitters for the perfect alternative.

Our silent headphones are incredibly simple to us. Even the grandparents will be on their feet dancing. All you have to do is plugin and play. They’re rechargeable too, meaning no batteries are needed.

And with powerful transmitters that operate within a 500-metre radius, you’ll be able to dance, relax, go to the bar, go crazy, pretty much do whatever you want to do — without worrying about the sound ever crackling or cutting out.

And we’ll drop it all off and collect it again absolutely anywhere nationwide for FREE!


If your venue has a sound curfew or music restrictions, then silent discos are the perfect solution. You’ll be able to dance the night away and not worry about upsetting the neighbours.

Wedding packages start at £495. This price includes VAT, nationwide delivery and collection, and over 75+ LED headphones — including special bride and groom headphones — and a lot more. Check our price packages page for more information.

Yes. But for a better experience on the night, we recommend that you put together a music playlist for all the different genres of music that you’re interested in playing. You can do this ahead of time so that your DJ will have time to prepare and integrate the songs into his sets.

About 6-9 months in advance. You should ideally try to get everything pre-booked as early as you can so that your silent disco wedding reception runs as smoothly as possible.

No. Many DJs do this to get the crowd going, to make announcements and to put on a more interactive show with guests. But if you don’t want it, then at your request our wedding DJs won’t do it.

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