Silent Disco Headphones
What is a Silent Disco?

Silent Disco Headphones How do silent discos work?

The concept of a Silent Disco is fairly new and people constantly ask how do silent disco headphones work? It is very simple. We use state of the art fully rechargeable LED silent headphones with powerful transmitters to ensure perfect quality.

Silent Disco Transmitters How does Silent Disco Work?

The music source is then plugged into the transmitter and away you go, you can have up to 3 transmitters running three separate music sources.
Choose between your iPod, Laptop, DJ, DVD and much more.

We supply all dry hire events with an instruction manual, which demonstrates how simple it is with plug and play. All our silent disco headphones come fully charged and beautifully packaged in specialised padded boxes for maximum protection and durability.

We Use The Newest And Most Modern LED
Silent Disco Headphones For Our Clients To Hire.

Silent Disco Headphones

Silent Disco Headphones

  • No Batteries - Fully Rechargeable
  • LED Wireless
  • 3 Channel Selection
  • Receives Signals up to 500M
  • Great Sound Quality with Ear Warming Bass
  • Easy Volume & Channel Control

Silent Disco Transmitter

  • Wireless Silent Disco Transmitters
  • 500 Meter Range
  • 3 Channel Selection
  • Small and Robust
  • Extra Antenna for Extended Quality
Silent Disco Transmitter
Wireless Transmitters

Wireless Transmitters

Perfect for camping weekends or events with no power source
  • Advanced transmitters for portable use.
  • 250m Range
  • 3 Channel Selection
  • Bluetooth Music Connectivity
  • Microphone option available

Beautifully Packaged

Our Dry Hire Packages come with everything you need!
  • Headphones & Transmitters
  • Any Cables Required
  • Set Up Instructions
  • UK Delivery and Collection
  • 24hr Tech Help Number
Beautifully Packaged

Silent Disco Rental - Our Clients

LED Silent Disco Headphones for Hire | From £100