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Music Therapy for Care Centres UK

What is Silent Care?

Silent Disco for people living with dementia, memory loss or learning difficulties

Music therapy is a tried and tested method of treatment across the world. In particular for those suffering with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. We create a positive, fun experience using our headphones to recall memories, allowing residents to express themselves on a different level with staff and families.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge in the care industry, carefully selecting different channels of music to create a sensory experience for the guests. All staff hold a full DBS and provide a professional and immersive experience.


Why use our
Silent Care Headphones?

Immerse into our sessions with our state of the art wireless headphones. With a large transmission range residents can remain in the comforts of their own room and still take part, each with individual volume control. Using headphones will allow residents to opt in and out of the sessions.

We provide both DIY packages as well as options with one of our talented care team to run the sessions.



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