Best Music Apps for Apple Watch 2018

Best Music Apps for Apple Watch 2018

Apple Watches; you either love them or you hate them.

For many people, their Apple Watch is an indispensable device that pairs well with the rest of their devices such as their iPhone or iPad.

One of the most useful features of an Apple Watch is its ability to play music.

It beats having to take out your phone all the time and when combined with Apple’s own AirPods, the Apple Watch is a fantastic little gadget that is surprisingly practical.

However, you’re going to need a good music app to make it easier and more enjoyable to play music on your Apple Watch.

1. Apple Watch Music App

The Apple Watch Music app is a great place to start. Although the features are limited, it does at least sync with your other Apple devices so you can use the same playlists and iTunes account as you do on your phone.

Although it’s nothing special, the default music app works fine, comes with basic features that you would expect from any music player and you don’t need to download any additional apps for it.

It’s a good baseline experience, but what if you want something a bit more interesting or feature-rich?

2. Pandora Music App

Just like the website, Pandora is a personalized radio station. It creates stations based on your preferences such as your favourite songs, artists and genres.

You can also browse different recommended radio stations depending on what you’re up to.

It’s free with ads, but you can purchase a premium subscription that allows you to search for and play your favourite songs and allows you to download the music for offline listening.

Pandora Music App

3. Shazam

Shazam is an app that helps you instantly identify music. It makes it possible for you to discover new music whenever you hear it and also find new music from the artists that you enjoy listening to.

A great feature of Shazam is the ability to preview songs and instantly add them to an Apple Music playlist, meaning it can easily integrate with your Apple Watch.

It also has integration with Pandora, meaning you can launch stations by the artists that you discover.


4. TuneIn Pro – Radio & Sports

TuneIn Pro allows you to listen to your favourite radio stations. There are over 100,000 stations to pick from so you’re going to get a ridiculously large selection of sports, music, news and even talk shows.

It has built-in integration that works with the Apple Watch and there is also an optional premium service that gives you exclusive access to commercial-free music stations and live play-by-plays for MLB and BPL games.

TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports

5. SoundHound – Music Discovery

Like Shazam, SoundHound helps you discover new music. It makes it simple to discover new music around you no matter where you are.

You simply open the app, press the orange SoundHound button and wait for the app to identify the song that’s playing.

Any songs that you discover can be played back with the built-in YouTube player and it has voice recognition, making it great for your Apple Watch.

TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports

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